Specialty Powders

Our broad range of specialty powders is custom-tailored and produced to meet your performance and processing needs, with a wide range of physical properties, performance, and powder characteristics.




Our in-depth knowledge and formulation expertise of polymeric materials enables us to offer a wide range of ready-to-use specialized powders to suit many markets and technologies. 

For those customers that require their own materials be used, our multiple ISO-certified processing sites located throughout the US and EU offer advanced, confidential, custom size-reduction and related services.  


As a leading supplier of Rotational Molding powders, with the broadest portfolio of decorative and performance compounds available in the marketplace, we can virtually meet any of your product processing and performance needs.  We have a full range of natural, compounded colors, special effects, and high-performance grades such as kayak, conductive, and foam.



With over 50 years of experience and multiple ISO-certified processing locations, our toll grinding and blending capabilities enable us to produce specifically-sized powders from the most demanding materials to meet your performance requirements. We offer our own mechanical milling (ambient and cryogenic) and jet pulverizing technologies, along with other specialized related services, to size-reduce a wide range of thermoplastic and elastomeric materials to suit various technical needs.





Cotene® is the trade name for a new range of high quality, thermoplastic coating powders designed to provide extraordinary corrosion protection for metal parts under harsh environmental conditions. Cotene® will form a strong adhesive bond without the use of a metal primer. Cotene® is used when standard coating materials are not capable of performing the job. It is applied (using heat) directly onto prepared metal surfaces via spray or fluid bed techniques. Cotene® is designed and tested in combination with practical customer approved field testing. 

Halar® ECTFE

Halar® ECTFE is a partially fluorinated semi-crystalline polymer offering a unique combination of properties for highly demanding industries.

Known for its excellent chemical and permeation resistance, adherence to metal, good thermal properties, and low thermal expansion coefficient, to name a few properties, coupled with its ease of processing, this unique family of fluoropolymers is well-suited to perform as anti-corrosion coatings and linings in highly corrosive environments, ultra-pure water tanks, exhaust ducts, as anti-stick coatings for rollers used in the pulp and paper industry, and a range of other demanding applications.

Halar® ECTFE comes in pellet form for use in extrusion, injection molding, compression molding, and melt blown and spun fiber technologies.  Powder grades are used in rotolining and rotomolding and also are applied by electrostatic spray or fluid-bed coating methods.

Solef® PVDF

Solef® PVDF is a partially fluorinated melt processable polymer that offers a balance between mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

Known for its chemical and fire resistance, high temperature use, resistance to UV and gamma radiation, purity, and electrical and optical properties, Solef® PVDF can be applied towards a wide range of demanding uses such as wire and telecommunication cable, corrosion protecting linings and coatings, plumbing fittings and components, including the stringent requirements of ultra-pure water piping systems, oil and gas umbilicals, Li-ion batteries, and water treatment membranes.

Depending on the grade and processing method, Solef® PVDF comes in both pellet and powder forms.

Both Halar® and Solef® come in several package types and weights, including 5kg and 10kg developmental sizes (availability varies by grade) and many grades are held in-stock.

As the North American Distributor for Solvay’s Halar® and Solef® products, A. Schulman Specialty Powders group will supply you technical information, assist you in selecting an optimal grade, provide a quotation, and promptly ship your order.

POLYMIST® & ALGOFLON® provide outstanding chemical inertness, excellent weathering and aging characteristics, exceptional service temperature, outstanding anti-stick and release properties as we as optimum insulating properties. The main application area these products are commonly used is plastics, inks, coatings and paints, elastomers and lubricants.



Icorene® is our registered trade mark representing our wide range of materials for rotomolding and technical powders. Icorene®  powders are available in natural, black, standard colors, custom compounded colors and specialty stone and speckle effects.

Our standard range of General Purpose Linear Low Density Polyethylene grades is used to manufacture a wide range of typical rotomoldings such as tanks, drums, bins, pipe connectors, access chambers, lids, boats and more.

For more demanding applications, A. Schulman supplies High Performance Hexene or Hexene mPE powders that can outperform butene based LLDPE.

Many molders take their powders as custom matched pre-colored or standard colors in order to ensure good batch to batch consistency.

In addition to our regular materials, A. Schulman also supplies other specific polyolefin powder products that fulfill the demands of certain roto products, these include:

  • High Density PE with X linking agents for extended flex fatigue resistance, higher vicat and ultra-low temperature toughness.
  • Flexible PE grades that shrink less than standard PE and react differently to external stress
  • High Stiffness PE grades with impact modifiers for a combination of toughness and rigidity
  • Polypropylene grades for higher temperature, hardness and scratch resistance than HDPE and LLDPE
  • Specialty grades are availalbe for demanding applications in all regions. 

Icorene Technical powders are mainly but not limited in natural.

We offer a wide range of particle sizes, melt flow, density as well as different polyolefins such as PP, PE, EVA, HIPS, GIPS.


A family of products developed specifically for the rotational molder, Polyaxis® compounds are designed to offer optimum properties in color matched or standard color formulations. These products exhibit a wide range of physical properties providing the rotational molder a selection of compounds to meet the most demanding applications. Polyaxis grades are used in a myriad of products from canoes and kayaks to flame retardant furniture and are available as standard grades or can be designed to meet specific requirements. All of these compounds are fully stabilized, contain long-term UV packages and meet stringent quality control procedures.


SchuLink® is a cross-linkable polyethylene formulated by A. Schulman for the rotational molding industry. Available in two different formulations and in a wide variety of colors, SchuLink® products can be found in applications ranging from marine fuel tanks to color-coordinated industrial doors. SchuLink® offers UV resistance, ease of processing and an excellent balance of physical properties.


Whether we are producing our own line of ICORENE® compounded polyethylene colors for rotational molding, or providing toll compounding services on your specific formulations, A. Schulman has a range of flexible compounding options to suit your needs.

A. Schulman's integrated compounding and grinding systems are most efficient at producing Icorene® rotational molding grade powders, but in addition, our range of extruder designs, and feeder, palletizing, and packaging capabilities throughout the world.

We can take a development project from the laboratory to pilot scale to production sized runs, and have the quality control, color measurement, and material analysis equipment needed to support the operations.


proven solutions, countless possibilities.

No matter how you define success, A. Schulman has the materials expertise, processing know-how, market knowledge and application experience to help you achieve it.