Distribution SERVICES

A. Schulman Distribution Services delivers high quality products and services to customers across the world. We partner with leading global suppliers to simplify our customers’ business needs and provide additional sales channel support.

Our global network of regional sales offices provides efficient local logistics and deep product and market knowledge to support both customers and suppliers.




Our strong relationships with top resin and compound suppliers enable us to deliver efficient and expert distribution services. Our goal is to streamline our customers’ business through our local network of commercial and technical service experts.

Look to us for:

  • Global customer service network with efficient local support
  • Warehousing and storage options
  • Technical expertise and application solutions
  • Delivery Options to suit your needs
  • Commitment to continuity and long term support

We partner with the following organizations to deliver exceptional distribution services:





Altuglas® Acrylic resins   




Solvay Specialty Polymers



We offer single source support for suppliers and business partners looking for seamless sales, marketing and distribution services. Let us help simplify your distribution needs for your small customer business and enhance your top line growth. 

We offer our partners:

  • 50 years of distribution longevity and expertise
  • Distribution of olefinic, non-olefinic resins and selected styrenics and engineering plastics
  • Sales, Marketing and Technical service and support
  • Deep product knowledge and insight
  • Development and implementation of market and sales plans that reflect current trends
  • Communications support and implementation

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The Borealis grade distributed by A. Schulman, Queo, is a unique, high-performance plastomer that enhances the properties and characteristics of polyolefins, thus offering the processors numerous advantages.


As ExxonMobil Chemical Company's distributor, A. Schulman has distributed ExxonMobil resins for over 20 years. Our customers have the technical knowledge and capabilities of both A. Schulman and ExxonMobil at their full disposal. The ExxonMobil products distributed are Polyethylene (LLDPE, HDPE) products for injection and rotational molding applications. Please check the country availability in the technical data sheet.

  • HD
  • LD
  • LLD ZN
  • PP H
  • PP C
  • Vistamaxx


Topas Advanced Polymers makes COC (cyclic olefin copolymer), a glass-clear and pure plastic resin for healthcare, optics, packaging, and electronics applications

TOPAS 9903D-10 (HDT-B: 33°C) Shrink Film & Labels
TOPAS 9506F-500 (HDT-B: 65°C) Shrink Sleeves & Labels, blown
TOPAS 9506F-04(HDT-B: 65°C) Shrink Sleeves, seal layers, cast
TOPAS 8007F-04(HDT-B: 75°C) Blister packs & trays, lidding
TOPAS 8007F-400 (HDT-B: 75°C) Forming, Twist Wrap, Easy Tear
TOPAS 5013X14 (HDT-B: 130°C) Blown film productivity, hot fill
TOPAS 6013F-04 (HDT-B: 130°C) Blister packs & trays, zippers


ALTUGLAS® Acrylic resins

The Altuglas range offers a wide choice of PMMA resins designed for injection, extrusion and blow-molding.

The key characteristics of Altuglas are the following:

  • Optical properties
  • Transparency and gloss finish
  • Mechanical properties
  • Rigidity and dimensional stability
  • Surface properties
  • Hardness and resistance to scratching
  • Resistance to aging

Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, ultraviolet radiation and aging (suns rays and weathering). In addition, this range offers special properties:

  • Impact resistance
  • Resistance to gamma sterilization
  • Suitability for food contact
  • Suitability for medical applications
  • Ultraviolet filtering
  • Chemical resistance

ALTUGLAS International Website      


A.Schulman and API have been partners for more than 20 years in supplying TPE and biopolymers in Europe

API SpA has been working in the research, development and production of customized Thermoplastic Elastomer compounds since 1956.

What makes API truly unique in a context of compound producers is that it offers a complete range of TPEs and biopolymers to clients who demand tailor-made solutions and exceptional performance.

API serves various markets like footwear, sporting goods, automotive, appliances, engineering, packaging, personal care, medical, toys and much more.

API’s products complement A. Schulman’s product portfolio in several countries in EMEA.

For more information visit: http://www.apiplastic.com


Eastman materials are clearer than most impact polymers and have better chemical resistance than nearly all other clear polymers. Select grades have higher Notched Izod impact strength than clear ABS, high impact PS, impact modified acrylic and K-Resin.

As a packaging material, Eastar™, Glass Polymer™, DuraStar® can be extrusion- or injection blow molded into shapes only limited by your imagination. It is capable of infinite form. Its toughness can support thin or thick walls and it compliments other materials in ways you can only dream.



Eastman Tritan™
Now there's a new way to make your ideas come alive. Eastman Tritan™, a new generation copolyester, offers innovative design and application possibilities. It's a compelling alternative to traditional polymers, including polycarbonate. Tritan™ balances easy processing with a mix of performance properties, including clarity, toughness, heat resistance and chemical resistance.

Key characteristics of Eastman copolyesters are:

  • High Clarity
  • High Transparency
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Good Rigidity
  • High Gloss
  • Very Good mechanical properties
  • Good Elongation at break
  • Good Thermal Properties

Eastman Website  


By offering customized solutions for different applications, ELIX POLYMERS is our strategic partner for supplying demanding markets such as Automotive, Healthcare, Electrical & Electronic, Building & Construction and Consumer Goods with Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene und Styrene Acrylonitrile - Copolymers.

Elix product range:

Elix ABS
Large portfolio of ABS thermoplastic products, based on specialty grades and applications with high added value.

Blends of PC+ABS for the most demanding applications

Elix Polymer Modifiers
Enable our customers to modify and improve the performance of uncommon blends, as well as materials based PC, ABS, PVC and SMA.

Is an ABS and SAN Product line for high impact


Ixef® PARA

Aesthetics and Strength – A Beautiful Combination

Ixef® PARA (polyarylamide) provides a unique combination of strength and aesthetics, making it ideal for complex parts that require both overall strength and a smooth, beautiful surface.

Halar® ECTFE

High-performance semi-crystalline fluoropolymers

Halar® ECTFE is a partially fluorinated semi-crystalline melt-processable polymer offering a unique combination of properties for highly demanding industries.

Omnix® HPPA

High-Performance Polyamides Designed to Deliver More Performance Options

Omnix® HPPA is a family of high-performance polyamides that bridge the cost-performance gap between PA66 and higher performing polyphthalamide.

Kalix® HPPA

Strength, aesthetics and improved processing

Kalix® HPPA (high-performance polyamide) is designed for structural components. They provide high strength, rigidity and a high-quality surface finish along with improved processing.

Solef® PVDF

High-performance semi-crystalline fluoropolymers

Solef® PVDF is a melt-processable fluorinated semi-crystalline thermoplastic which is obtained by polymerizing vinylidene fluoride. Without any additives, it has the intrinsic stability inherent to fluoropolymers even when exposed to harsh environments, providing the user with a unique combination of properties resulting in longer equipment life.

Hyflon® PFA & MFA®

Hyflon® Perfluoroalkoxys are semi-crystalline, fully-fluorinated, melt-processable fluoropolymers. All Hyflon® fluoropolymers are classified according to ATDM D3370 standards. They have the highest thermal properties and exhibit the greatest chemical resistance of all commercial, melt-processable fluoropolymers.



As ExxonMobil Chemical Company's distributor, A. Schulman has distributed ExxonMobil resins for over 20 years. Our customers have the technical knowledge and capabilities of both A. Schulman and ExxonMobil at their full disposal. The ExxonMobil products distributed are Polyethylene (LLDPE, HDPE) products for injection and rotational molding applications. Please check the country availability in the technical data sheet.

HD 6601.29
HD 6605.70
HD 6706
HD 6719
HD 6733
HD 6908
LL 6100.17
LL 6201.19
LL 6202.19
LL 6407.67
HD 8660
HD 6714
HD 8760
LL 8450
LL 8460
LL 8555


partnering for your success.

No matter how you define success, A. Schulman has the materials expertise, processing know-how, market knowledge and application experience to help you achieve it.