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Product Technology Centers


At our Product Innovation Centers throughout the world we can formulate custom compounds, provide innovative product solutions that are inspired by customer visions, and run trials of customized products on our laboratory production lines which simulate many manufacturing environments. Entrusting A. Schulman with all your product needs is a trust that that our development staff takes very seriously. We can provide you with the world-class service and technical support that you deserve and should expect.

Each of our Product Technology Centers are equipped with sophisticated analytical equipment to help in our new product development. Four types of testing are performed in these laboratories, and below is a list of some of the technical capabilities of our locations around the world*:


  • Polarized Light Microscope – Microscopic analysis
  • Ultraviolet Visible Spectroscopy – Light transmission or absorption analysis
  • Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) – Chemical structure
  • Microtome – Cross-section analysis
  • High-resolution Scanner – Microscopic analysis and prints
Universal Physical
  • Instron Tensile Tester – Tensile, tear and bond strength and Flexural Modulus
  • Shore Hardness A and D – Hardness
  • Computrac Moisture Analyzer – Moisture content
  • Densimeter – Density
  • Carver Press – Creates thin samples for analysis
  • Die Cutter – Cuts samples for testing
  • Gloss 20, 45, 60, 85 Degree – Gloss at various angles
  • Balances – Weight
  • Ink Rub Test – Printability
  • Minolta Colorimeter – Color properties
  • Static Decay – Static electricity loss or decay
  • Rockwell Hardness – Hardness
  • Scratch tester
  • LabMaster Slip Friction – Friction
  • TMI Supersealer – Sealing range, burn-through temperatures
  • Dart Drop – Impact resistance
  • Envico Gauging Unit – Thickness and variation
  • Gurley Stiffness – Stiffness
  • Elmendorf Tear – Tear strength
  • Gardner Hazemeter – Haziness/ clarity, light transmission
  • Block / Reblock – Blocking force
  • Monitor Smoothness – Smoothness
  • Low-angle Light Box – Surface variations and irregularities
  • Backlight Light Box – Surface variations and irregularities
  • K-Lox Ink Draw Down – Coating method for printing
  • Environmental Cabinets – Provide controlled testing environment
  • Melt Index – Melt flow rate
  • Capillary Rheometer – Viscosity
Wet Chemistry Laboratories - For analyzing materials to determine composition and type. Various chemicals and methods are used to break down complicated structures to their base compounds.
  • Hot Oil Shrinkage – Film shrinkage
  • Perkin Elmer DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) – Glass transition, melting point
  • Perkin Elmer TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis) – Weight loss
  • Perkin Elmer DMA / TMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis / Thermal Mechanical Analysis) – Structural and rheological changes
  • Centrifuge – High-speed liquid separation
  • Vacuum Oven With Pump – Removes unwanted moisture
  • Karl Fisher Moisture Analyzer – Moisture content
  • Balances – Weight
  • Nitrogen Analyzer – Nitrogen / oxygen ratios
  • Microwave Ash – Inorganic content
  • Microwave Extraction – Accelerates additive extraction
  • XRF-X-Ray fluorescence
UL Laboratories – For burn testing to evaluate flame retardants and formulations, new and existing products, and oven aging.
  • Atmospheric Fume Chamber – Yellowing, discoloration, deterioration
  • Blue M Ovens – Aging at various temperatures
  • HV-UL – Horizontal / vertical burn testing
  • TMI Charpy / Izod Tester – Impact resistance
  • Gardner Impact – Impact resistance
  • Balance – Weight
  • Fogging – test for fogging resistance
  • Cold Flexibility


Materials for new and existing products are developed and evaluated here, and samples are created for testing and further evaluation.

  • HDT / Vicat – Determines heat deflective temperatures and/or Vicat softening temperature
  • Brabender Mixer – Mixes compounds and establishes compound stability
  • Three-layer Cast Film Line – Produces customer and lab samples and is used for film design and evaluation
  • Twin-screw Extruder(2) – Mixes and pelletizes sample materials
  • Injection Molders – Mold sample parts and plaques
  • Multi-axial Impact Tester – Measures impact strength at various speeds and temperatures
  • Three-layer Blowmolder – Creates sample sport bottles to evaluate formulations, processing conditions, and color concentrations
  • Resin Dryers – Remove moisture from materials after pelletizing and blending
  • QUV Weatherometers – Accelerate weathering to evaluate weatherability / UV-ray tolerance
  • Three layer blown film line
  • Single blown film line
  • Single cast line 6"

*The equipment described above is a representative list of equipment at our Product Innovation centers. All equipment described above may not be available at all locations.