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Need An Alternative to Nylon 12?

Schulamid 612 A high-performance nylon from A. Schulman is providing optimal performance in fluid management systems, such as nylon-coated metal brake lines, all-plastic monowall and multilayer fuel lines, fuel and brake line connectors, and in-tank fuel pump components.

Known as Schulamid® Nylon 612, it is a superior alternative to PPA and Nylon 11 and 12. Schulamid® 612 provides high dimensional stability (via low moisture absorption), chemical resistance, salt corrosion resistance and high heat resistance (40ºC higher melt temperature). It also provides more stable electrical and mechanical properties, high impact resistance and flexibility with or without plasticizer, at moderate to sub-ambient service temperatures. It is easy to process and accepts pigment readily. A. Schulman has also developed a new state-of-the-art fluid systems tubing development lab in order to provide customized, high- performance compounds for fuel system lines and connectors. Weight reduction is an important consideration as engines are downsized in parallel electric hybrids and to meet government fuel efficiency standards. At the same time, under hood temperatures are increasing due to turbochargers and other systems to maintain or increase horsepower.

Schulamid 612A. Schulman provides global technical support for Schulamid® 612 products in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions, where it works with producers of specialty nylons and product manufacturers on application development; product selection, testing and validation; and manufacturability. Because of its expanded range of products and product development labs in Germany, the United States and Mexico, A. Schulman is able to serve a wide variety of markets including Automotive, Heavy Truck, Industrial and Automation.

Our dedicated fluid management design team will work with you to customize a solution for your unique fluid management application.

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