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Matt Quality You Can See


Thanks to the especially popular image of matt surfaces, they are acquiring an ever larger share of the market. In case of PC/ABS, it is necessary to paint the plastic components. The costs that are related to this process can be avoided when matt materials such as Schulablend® (ABS/PA) M/MK retain their beautiful appearance for the entire life span of the components.

In addition to its aesthetic and economic advantages, Schulablend® (ABS/PA) can be processed in many ways. It does not easily scratch. And it has superb notched impact-strength. This attractive combination of features make Schulablend® (ABS/PA)M/MK an ideal choice for automotive interior parts such as loudspeaker grills, interior door handles and screens.

Schulablend® (ABS/PA)M/MW was developed in order to meet the highest UV stability requirements. After all, ABS based materials which are frequently exposed to the sun (e.g. those positioned behind the windshield and the rear window) don't have the UV stability it takes to retain their looks. If, however, manufacturers want to create a high-quality appearance, without having to paint the components, Schulablend® (ABS/PA)M/MW is the optimum choice. Why? Even bright colors, such as those used in roof liners - or adjacent areas - are capable of withstanding 7 cycles of intensive hot light exposure without a detectable change of color.

When it comes to the issue of "soiled bright plastic components" yet another positive characteristic of Schulablend® materials becomes obvious. Unlike quickly soiled parts made of PP or PC/ABS, the same parts made of Schulablend® (ABS/PA) remain clean for a far longer period of time.

The positive characteristics of Schulablend® can also be put to good use outside the automobile industry. Here's why: As a result of its aesthetic and technical aspects, Schulablend® is finding more and more application uses. When compared to amorphous materials, its resistance to chemical influences is vastly superior. This is especially true for applications which are in constant contact with aggressive elements. The cosmetic industry is a good example of what we mean. Here both aesthetic appearances and material stability play a major role.

Soft plastics are frequently used to improve the look and feel of products in the domestic applicance and electric power tool industries. And classical housing materials for electric power tools, such as modified PA, require special soft components to help make them easier to hold. Because Schulablend® materials can be easily processed with numerous TPE's or TPU's using a 2K procedure, on the whole it is not necessary to modify the soft components in order to improve their grip qualities.

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